Comprehensive Guide to Develop A Mobile Game Development

mobile game development

In the vast mobile application industry, Mobile game development stands in a prominent position. Even before the arrival of smartphones, bar phones also supported games for their users. 90’s people still remember their Nokia days with the “Snake Xenzia” game. Games were always the center of attraction.

In the present age, games have earned groundbreaking significance. Over 43% of all smartphone use account for games. Today’s games require relevant skills and mindset to play them. There are also scientific facts tells that gaming develops survival instincts among individuals and improves their reaction time. It is a complete mind exercise, also responsible for developing and enhancing logical thinking ability.

The mobile game development industry is changing the world dynamics. Gamers’ community on servers like Discord is evident of the rise. The one primary reason for this exponential rise is the introduction of smartphones with powerful chipsets. People have forgotten desktop gaming since mobiles have started offering realistic game graphics. Even big names launch three versions of the same game; one for desktop, one for console, and one for the mobile device.

As mobile games’ future looks bright and is an excellent source of generating revenue, more people are stepping into the game development business. To take an effective start, let’s glide with this guide.

Before the Idea, Define Genre

There is an ocean of games on application stores. How can your small drop get a unique identity in it? Spend enough time discussing and analyzing the genre you think can work for you before going towards the idea. It is the first and crucial step that defines your future success. So, let it be the firm and steady step. When you know the genre, then your idea thinking becomes much more streamlined and cuts out irrelevancies.

Categories that are popular on app stores:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Arcade
  • Board
  • Card
  • Casino
  • Casual
  • Educational
  • Puzzle
  • Racing
  • Role-Playing
  • Sports
  • Strategy

Make the Mobile Game Development Story

Games become much more interesting to play when it has an engaging story. In the games like  Walking Dead, players feel every scene and listen to narrations to survive. Develop a story that connects the player with the game on an emotional level. When a gamer associates its emotions with the game story, the gameplay becomes phenomenal.

Also, importantly, keep the character aligned with the storyline to create the perfect gamer world.

Think from the Business Perspective

The game’s success is directly proportional to how much revenue it is generating for the business. PUBG Mobile is the current live example sitting on every gamer’s phone. Gamers are spending much to purchase UCs, royal passes, character costumes, gun skins, and other items. Even though the game is playable without spending bucks, but indirectly provokes to buy fancy stuff inside the game to look cool. That is the tactic of doing business smartly.

Your approach to earn thousands of dollars bills could be similar to that. There are also games that one can only play after purchasing them. It depends on your business strategy as there is no one strict approach to this. More overly, it depends on the game category which is trending. As of now, first player shooting (FPS) games are the market trend. So, focusing on developing an FPS game stands high chances for profit.

Selecting the Mobile Game Engine

There are several game development tools to bring your concept into digital reality. Each has some vital characteristics, making it different from the other. Every engine also requires a different skillset level to start development.

We will discuss the top three engines popular and best-suited for today’s game development demands.

1.    Unity

Unity is one of the most famous and powerful game development engines to build 2D and 3D games. The cross-platform tool allows the developer to create games for Android, iOS, Windows, and other operating systems with a single reusable code. It also has the built-in code editor to write scripts or integrate with their all-time favorite Visual Studio (or new VS Code).

Unity is also capable of developing AR and VR applications. On top of that, the developer can also export assets from software like Maya, Softimage, 3ds Max, Cinema4D, and more. Unity is the leading cross-platform development framework, and 61% of game developers choose for their game development solutions.

2.    Unreal

Unreal is visibly giving tough competition to the Unity game engine. It is a highly advanced game developing engine, produces realistic game graphics with unmatched opposition. PUBG Mobile is the self-speaking real proof of unreal engine. Other fantastic games like Batman: Arkham City lockdown and Fortnite Battle Royale are also unreal engine productions. The main reason for this engine’s popularity is the aesthetics. The graphics which this framework can render are exceptional and magnificent. No other engine dares to stand parallel with it.

3.    CryEngine

Last in the list, but not the last in the world, is CryEngine. It is a development engine from a German company, namely Crytek. It is, again, the well-liked engine for building 3D games with attractive graphics. If you have heard the names like Far Cry or Crysis or ever got the chance to play them, then you probably know this engine.

Start with the Game Development

Now when you have decided on your game development engine, it is time to start the action—the steps which a developer takes at this stage should be handled carefully. Here, one will mold the product and bring it into shape. Things at this stage are pretty complex and require high technical expertise.

Launch the Game

Once everything gets ready, it’s time to push your product to the market. If you have announced the product’s launch date to the audience before, it becomes crucial to release it on the same date. It is not a problem if you want to add some more elements to your game. You can easily integrate them in future updates.

Some Tips Before Conclusion

  1. You cannot make a game for everyone. Every individual possesses a different taste and mindset. It is not necessary that everyone like your game. The audience’s taste varies in different game genres. Some will appreciate your effort, and some will barely see it.
  2. Make your game challenging with uncomplicated controls. Developers often confuse their development by attaching too many controls in a game. Gamers will not like the game and drop it if they find controls too hard.
  3. To know what is trending, play other developer’s games as well, along with the research. You will always get inspiration and new ideas when you look at others’ work. If you like their work, always appreciate them, and learn from their work while keeping your ego aside.

Developing a mobile game is exciting but not easy. Game development requires logical thinking, technical expertise, and preferably an IT background. Not everyone has the same mastery or expertise level. But not to worry, there are numerous mobile game development companies out there to build your imagination. It does not matter if you do not have any idea about development. Maybe you are not interested in the development process; these development companies will do everything for you.

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