Do’s And Don’ts To Follow When Taking International Flights From India to USA

The process of booking international flights from India to USA is not an easy feat for anyone. Whether you are planning to enjoy a vacation or visit family, flying to the United States from India is a hectic task. When you fly from India to the United States, there are several things that you must keep in mind to make sure that you have a pleasant flight. But with so many things to worry about, you might forget some basic do’s and don’ts you need to bear in mind when making your reservations. The following list is helpful when you are planning to take international flights from India to USA.


  • Make bookings in advance: This point is important for all those looking to fly on a budget. Even if your budget isn’t too tight, advance bookings can help you make some extra savings. Booking tickets in advance also means that you get more options in terms of the flight routes and seats. These small benefits mean that booking your tickets in advance is always a good idea regardless of where you are flying.
  • Avoid peak holiday season: When traveling to the USA, the peak holiday season might prove to be a lot of trouble and expense for you. As the holiday season is a popular time for most people looking to take a vacation, you will surely encounter a massive crowd, and the ticket prices are also likely to go up. When booking international flights from India to USA, make sure that you skip peak times like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Years’, and more. Avoiding flying at such times can help you save money and time.
  • Use web check-in service: The web check in service is fairly common now, and most airline carriers allow passengers to check-in in advance and get their boarding passes. Doing a web check-in is recommended when you are taking a flight to the US as it saves a ton of time and helps you avoid the hassle of standing in a queue at the airport. Make sure that you check in online and have your boarding pass ready in advance.
  • Pack with care: Packing for your trip to the US is an important part of the planning. It is also a very time-consuming step. When you start packing your stuff, there is a big chance that you might go overboard if you are not careful. Overpacking will lead you to pay an extra baggage fee at the airport. To avoid doing so, make sure that you pack only what you need and nothing extra.
  • Take a layover: Taking long-haul international flights from India to USA is time-consuming. That is why taking a connecting flight instead of a direct flight can prove to be better. Taking a layover on the way will allow you to break your journey and relax for a bit on your way. If time is not a factor you need to think about, consider taking connecting flights instead of direct flights for your next trip.


  • Don’t be late with bookings: Booking flight tickets is the first step towards any trip planning. However, delaying this step and booking your tickets closer to the date of departure can cost you a little bit extra. As it is common knowledge that the cost of plane tickets increases as you get closer to the date of departure, it would be beneficial to make your reservations as early as you can to save money. 
  • Don’t overpack: Overpacking is one mistake that all of us make at some point in our lives. If you are not a seasoned traveler, it is possible that you may not know what the essentials are and what you can do without them. So, any time you are packing your bags for an international trip, make sure you pack your bags with care. If you have to wonder whether or not you need something, there is a high chance that you can skip it.
  • Don’t forget to exchange currency: Exchanging currency is an essential step for any international trip. Most people leave out this step thinking that they can easily exchange money at the airport. However, doing so can cost you a lot of extra cash. The exchange rate at the airports tends to be much higher than outside. So, if you are exchanging money at the airport, there is a high chance that you will end up paying way more than you should. That is why you need to get foreign currency in advance and avoid paying extra.
  • Don’t leave your neck pillow: Now this may seem like a trivial thing, but it is imperative that you do not forget your neck pillow. International flights from India to USA tend to be quite long, and spending all that time cramped up in your Economy Class seat can turn out to be a literal pain in the neck. Carrying a neck pillow is a small thing that will allow you to avoid sleeping in an uncomfortable position on the plane. Remember to take your neck pillow and get through the journey comfortably.
  • Don’t travel on weekends: Weekends are a common choice when it comes to traveling. As most people have weekends off, it comes as no surprise that flying on the weekends is quite popular. Given this popularity, it is only natural that the cost of flight tickets during this time is much higher and the crowds are also bigger. If you do not want to pay extra and encounter a huge number of people at the airport, make sure that you avoid the weekends. Traveling during the weekdays will allow you to bag cheap tickets and avoid airport crowds.

This simple list will help you remember all the trivial things that you may forget. With all the booking and traveling hassle, this list will come in quite handy. The next time you are planning your vacation, make sure that you keep these do’s and don’ts in mind for a pleasant journey.

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