Drinking Pure Water And Live Healthy Lifestyle In Kolkata

Water is the fundamental needs of all the people living on planet earth. It participates in almost all body functions like digestion of food, removal of body waste, helpful in blood circulation, improved brain function, and others. But the same can be dangerous too if it contains any contamination. The freshwater in Kolkata is not suitable for consumption because it has a high concentration of dissolved salts and microbes, which are potent enough to cause waterborne diseases.

What Are Waterborne Diseases?

A disease that occurs due to drinking contaminated water is called waterborne disease, and it is one of the major causes of death globally. According to various reports, the waterborne disease kills 3.4 million people annually. A waterborne disease is vulnerable in old aged people and children as their immune system won’t work properly. There are various kinds of waterborne disease like Cholera, Typhoid, Diarrhea, and numerous others. 

Waterborne disease is not only a big concern among developing countries but also in developed countries. But these diseases can be avoided simply by adopting access to pure and healthy water all the time you urge for water.

How To Get Pure & Healthy water?

There are various methods to get contamination-free water, but only a water purifier is the best and widely accepted water purification system. A water purifier is based on advanced and modern water purification technology, which eliminates impurities from the water and improves the taste of the water. A water purifier is mainly based on RO, UV, and UF technology which eradicate all kinds of contamination present in water, whether the pollutant is dissolved or microbial.

There are various water purifier service providers in Kolkata. Still, not all can understand your water issues; thus, always look for an organization that appreciates your queries and try to resolve them. These days Aquaguard service Kolkata store has earned the trust of the people in Kolkata. Thus, they can be the best option for having a perfect water purifier solution.

Which Technology Is Best For Eliminating Water Impurities?

Above, we have listed a few modern and latest water purification technologies. Now let’s discuss all of these technology ones by one.

  • RO Technology

This technology-based water purifier uses reverse osmosis technology suitable for eliminating all kinds of contamination from the water. Still, it is mainly used in those areas where the TDS level is high compared to the microbial contamination.

  • UV Technology

A water purifier based on this technology eliminates microbial contamination from the water, but this doesn’t reduce TDS concentration from the water. So if your tap water contains a high concentration of microbial contamination, then a UV water purifier is the best solution for your house.

  • UF Technology

This technology-based water purifier uses a semi-permeable membrane that works in the same fashion as a RO water purifier. Still, a UF water purifier and an RO water purifier have an extensive and significant difference. An RO water purifier eliminates comparatively smaller size water impurities from the water than a UF water purifier.

Importance Of Drinking Pure And Healthy Water

As we have discussed in the above section, drinking water is crucial, and everyone should drink an optimum concentration of water regularly. Most of us are not aware of the fact that how much water one should drink periodically?

According to various medical professional and water purifier experts, an average adult should consume 2.5-3.5 litres of water regularly, whereas an average adult should consume 2-3 litres of water regularly. However, this concentration may vary if you perform heavy exercise.

Drinking water possesses various health benefits like it improves skin texture and elasticity, reduces digestion issues, and decreases heart disease changes. According to other research, drinking water also reduces joint pain.


Living a healthy lifestyle in Kolkata is not easy as Kolkata is among India’s top polluted cities, almost everything is highly contaminated. In that case, you need to focus on what we eat and what we drink. The freshwater quality in Kolkata is highly contaminated, and that can be dangerous if not treated properly. There are various methods to get the best solution for contamination of water, but among all water, a purifier is considered the best option as it eliminates all kinds of contamination present in the water.

Aquaguard offers top-quality water purifiers based on modern and advanced technology that eliminates all kinds of contamination present in water and improves water taste by maintaining the optimum concentration of minerals. 

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