Tips and tricks of acing Monopoly live in the casino

Monopoly Live is a casino game introduced by Evolution Gaming. The game has evolved in the year 2019, and from then it has caught the attention of casino lovers from across the globe. The Players bet on the outcomes of a vertical prize wheel. Adding more excitement to it is an animated game show style host – and has a bonus feature which sees the players play a real-life game of Monopoly. 

Monopoly Live Strategies to win

  • In Monopoly live, you need to formulate specific strategies and formulae to stay bet on two rolls or four-segment roll betting. The bonus round can pay repetitions worth thousands – so it’s worth the investment.
  • Of course, you can play this game, especially for the chance to get a bonus – but you may not get back what you invested. At the very least, you should have at least a small bet on the two roll option.
  • You can also place small bets in sections with 5 or 10 wheels. This way, you have at least one chance to win the prize. You also cover yourself with a “Chance” repetition method.
  • In the Monopoly live, the wheel is spun by the presenter and whichever segment the arrow points to – wins.
  • The game requires lots of brainstorming and techniques. 

Here are some suggested ways and tips as to how you should play to start earning and winning by

  • Check out the percentage of data or strategy for the best games. It does not affect changing strategies or playing the same way for each random outcome.
  • Practice gambling appropriately while playing the game. If you think there is a problem, never ignore the loss and seek help.
  • Bonuses can be a great way to improve game balance, but keep your betting requirements in mind. This game is available for PC and mobile devices. Choose a platform where you can play comfortably.
  • The player should have an appreciable amount of knowledge of Monopoly live statistics. These statistical figures should be worked out in mind to start gaining the edge over the other players.

Sure-fire winning tips of Monopoly Live Game

Let’s take a sneak peek into the sure-fire winning tips:

  • As we have touched upon, the most recent winning results can’t help you with strategizing. Check out our percentage data or strategies for more optimal ways to play.
  • There’s no consequence of switching strategies or playing in the same way as each result is random.
  • Practice responsible gambling while playing – never chases your losses and seek help if you think you have a problem
  • Bonuses can be a helpful way to boost your playing balance but be mindful of wagering requirements.
  • The game is available for PC and mobile devices – choose whichever platform you feel most comfortable playing.

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