10 Tips to Design Successful Facebook Ads

Facebook ads

Facebook ads are more than just an app for socializing or posting memes now. It is a become a hub for brands to market and advertise their product to their targeted audience. With some creative and innovative ideas, you can inject a new life into your product. 

A surge in social media marketing campaigns is why a sharp rise in on-demand graphic design services. Graphic design is a vital part of your marketing campaign. 

Though you might think it is easy to create a social media ad, it is not a piece of cake. But don’t worry; we are here to spill the beans to let you know how to design a successful Facebook ad. 

1. Do Proper Homework Before You Begin

The aim should not be to simply insert some photos and content and launch your advertising campaign. It is vital to have a planning session to generate valuable suggestions. While it might seem to be a pointless exercise, it can have a considerable effect on the campaign’s ROI.

You can take a peek at what your competitors are doing and try to get an idea from that. Also, you can take the help of the internet for some ideas. You can innovate and make something more engaging out of it.

2. Put Yourself In The Customer’s Shoe

Your ads and posts should not be focusing on your brand or your product; they should be focusing on your customer. The ad should focus on how it can make the customer’s life easier or benefit them. 

In order to accomplish it, you need to design buyer personas. It helps you raise your Facebook Ad design’s effectiveness and allow you to provide better services to your customers.

3. Add Videos 

There is no question that videos are much better in delivering out your message in comparison with images. As a user, I find videos to be more enticing and engaging. Therefore, adding videos to your ad campaign can help you increase your ROI. Also, it can help you reach your audience in a much better way than an image.

However, your videos need to be precise and straightforward. A short video will not be able to send the message that you want to send. On the other hand, a lengthy video will not be able to hold the user’s attention for too long.

Video ads are as simple as to make as image ads. Simply go to Facebook’s Advertising Manager, start a new campaign, and post a video instead of a photo.

4. CTA (Calls-To-Action) Is Imperative

A call to action (CTA) is one of the most critical body texts in Facebook ads. Although it will not make your advertisement more attractive, it will improve conversion rates and lower conversion costs. The main goal is to produce income.

It helps your user from not getting distracted by other things. Also, If a user visits your homepage, it will point them in the proper direction. Rather than wandering and scrolling through the whole page, a quick popup will help him know what you are offering to the user.

5. Photography Is Important To Create An Impression

Most people, when making an ad, tend to ignore the importance of photos in an ad. Photos are the make-or-break part of your entire campaign. Without using photos, the whole ad campaign would look dull and would not be able to engage your users.

Moreover, it is important that you use relevant photography in your Facebook ads. It would be best if you did not stuff it in your Facebook ads simply for the sake of adding it. Instead, it should give a natural feel and need to blend in with your message. 

Always remember the famous quote that “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

6. Add An Engaging Headline

The headline is your first and last impression. If it is not engaging enough, the user would not even go ahead from there. As per the study by Outbrain, titles should be within the limit of 60-100 characters. The reason is that those titles earn the best click-through rates.

A short line can catch your attention of the user and assist you in producing a successful Facebook ad. Relatively short titles stand out as they transmit a strong narrative by using fewer words. Also, you can now focus on the other aspects since you more time available.

7. Creating Urgency

By simply creating a sense of urgency can help your customer to buy the product as soon as possible. People like to dabble around and look for other things. That is why you must ensure that the customer pays for the product as quickly as possible. 

Moreover, if something is available for a limited time, it will create a bit of urgency. A flash or a clearance for a short period can do the trick. People don’t want to lose out on such a chance, so you might pique your user’s interest by instilling a sense of urgency. 

While it may seem easy, instilling a feeling of urgency in individuals may be difficult. With so much competition, it isn’t easy to come with something unique and engaging. That being said, if you can build urgency and anticipation with some eye-catching offers, you will undoubtedly be able to design a successful ad.

8. Consistency Is The Key

When you look at some of the top brands, there is one thing that you will notice, and that is consistency. You will find that their message, logo, and other aspects are consistent. Therefore, it be would be much better that you remain consistent with your Facebook ads as well. 

People won’t remember if you have one logo today and a different one tomorrow. Similarly, if your ad campaign is displaying one message today and another tomorrow, they will forget you. 

The advertisement must reflect your brand’s picture; else, you would end up losing the user’s interest. When anyone taps on your advert, it is since they are interested in what you have to say. If you do not show the same message on your landing page regularly, they will walk right away.

9. Addressing The Emotional Side Of The User 

The marginal theory teaches us about a rational consumer who only focuses on the price of the product. However, this might not be the case for some, as there is an emotional or personal attachment. Even a rational consumer might go for a product that his emotional side feels essential. 

To grab the user’s attention and then convert it into a sale, it is imperative that your ad focus on your users’ emotional aspect. This can be a great addition to create an effective Facebook ad.  

10. Last But Not The Least: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Although the KISS theory is nothing new, there is much to be said about it. Reduce your advertisement to the most standard model of text and a clear picture that conveys the message. This will do the trick for you.

Final Takeaway

And there you go. The ten secrets to effectively design a Facebook Ad. By following these few steps, you can simply create an engaging and effective Facebook Ad. But if you are still unsure about it, you can get a graphic designer to get the job for you. There are many professionals out there that are willing to give unlimited graphic design services to you. Also, they are tons of platforms where you can find such designers at a reasonable rate.

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