3 Mistakes to avoid when opening a new business in Singapore

Singapore ranks on the top among the easiest countries to start a business in the world, having enthusiastic government support for entrepreneurship, well-developed infrastructure, strong legal protection for intellectual properties, and a friendly tax regime, all of which promote business investment.

However, even with advantageous and favorable geography, timing, and human resource, starting something new or to incorporate company in Singapore is usually difficult, particularly when you’re not on home ground, even after much thought and planning. If an entrepreneur cannot have a say over guaranteed success in business, the person must at least has huge control over not making expensive mistakes or errors with serious implications when they launch a new company in Singapore.

Bad location

Just imagine. Your mother is a great cook. Especially her Indian curries are amazing. So you decide to open an Korean restaurant in a nearby neighborhood street. However, that specific street already has two restaurants serving Korean cuisines. You may still acquire some patrons and customers but nothing compared to what you will reach if you were the only one in that location serving Korean dishes.

Just copying the latest trend won’t get you anywhere. For example, if Facebook is successful, setting up with another social networking platform may not be such a great idea. Invest in researching the reasons why a service or item has caught individual’s imagination. Several new companies try to force a good to meet the “supposed need” of the people.

Poor timing and no market

It is no big secret that more than half of business startups do not make it into the second or third year. Timing and market are two elements that can be accredited to the failure or success of a freshly launched business operation. Trying out the market and calculating needs in relation to industry size will make a big difference where resources and funds are concerned.

A very small market will leave a business with a bit of potential for earnings in no time. On the other hand, a very large market maybe too tiring for a startup to efficiently tap into, especially when it has yet to network the correct dealers or distributors for partnership. A possible niche market, where unique identity, preferences, and needs are important, may not have enough market value or the competition is already overwhelming when it comes to its size.

Where timing is important to consider, registering your company incorporation Singapore and launching your service or product need careful consideration of, for example:

They help find the ideal time to join the open market. If you’re too late, you may find small demand in an overwhelming market, and if you’re too early, you may find very few interested takers.

Not employing the right staff

The last mistake that you must always avoid while you incorporate company in Singapore is not to hire anybody and ensure to do in-depth research before finally appointing someone for your company.

As initially, you would need individuals with excellent knowledge who can handle work efficiently. Hence, for searching good staff, try to researching first months before you incorporate company in Singapore and started with your business, so that you can launch your company incorporation Singapore with a boost after the starting day.

If your business operation is only as robust as its weakest link, then bringing in and keeping performers with the ideal expertise and mindset may make a difference between swift decline and long-term success. And if even local businesses have challenges in finding the talent that they need, then foreign business owners managing a new company incorporation Singapore may face the same hindrance with double the distress.

An experienced services provider will give you an efficient company secretary to take care of compliance matters. For other important positions, it may be a good idea to transfer employees from a head office or parent company incorporation Singapore to train and manage new hires in Singapore. Doing so will probably save time and resources as the business kicks off with an efficient team. An option is allocating some budget to engage the services of expert recruiting agencies to headhunt and look for the qualified staff you need while you focus on important business functions.

Outsource from professionals

Singapore is one such countries where almost each business owner thinks to incorporate company in Singapore or start their new business. While some business owners develop a comprehensive plan for starting their business in Singapore so that they don’t encounter any issues. But there are a lot of individuals out there who are starting their company incorporation Singapore for the first time in Singapore. Partner with WLP Group to help you incorporate company in Singapore. Give us a call so we can discuss your business options.

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