Benefits of Drinking Homemade Fresh Juice

When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise play a crucial role. For a nutritious diet,  it essential to include healthy fruit or vegetable juices as a part of your daily food habit. As a part of proper diet plan, you should include juice to at the top of the list which will help you achieve your diet goals. Besides being healthy, fluids can also give your skin a healthy glow. You would not be able to enjoy the same benefits if you drink packaged juices available at supermarkets. 

Making fresh homemade juice is simple if you have a juicer at home and the benefits of such juice are innumerable. Drinking homemade juice is not only healthy but also cost-effective. Continue reading as we take you through the several benefits of drinking homemade fresh juice. 

More Fibre

Whole fruits have insoluble fibres, which are very beneficial for our body. However, fresh juices made in a juice maker have soluble fibres, which are again considered very healthy. When you consume soluble fibres, it regulates blood circulation and reduces the level of cholesterol. Although you can get soluble fibres from beans, nuts, and oats, it is recommended to take soluble fibres from juices. Nothing can beat the nutrients that you can get from fresh homemade juice.

Aids Digestion

Fresh juice can do wonders for good digestion, especially for those with a weak digestive system. Adding a variety of fresh juices to your diet is the key to have a balanced digestive system. Since it is in liquid form, it is easy to digest. We all know that water is necessary for digestion and the percentage of water is more in juices than in whole fruits. If you drink very little water, then you are risking your digestive system and kidney. Make it a practice to drink healthy homemade fruit or vegetable juices every day.

Save Energy

When you eat whole food items, your body’s first thing is to break the food into smaller pieces. The reason for breaking the food into smaller pieces is to transit the food throughout the intestines. This process takes a lot of energy. Taking food to energize yourself also uses some of the energy to break the food down. On the other hand, drinking juice will skip the breaking part, and it will get digested immediately, thus saving energy. 


Sportspersons drink juice rather than taking whole food as they need immediate energy. Rather than taking in whole food that makes them feel heavy, inhibiting their ability to play well, fresh juices can help them get instant hydration. If you work out at the gym or involve in other such heavy physical activities, homemade juices are your best bet to stay hydrated. 

More Nutritious Than Packaged Juices

Bottled juices available in grocery stores contain added sugar. Such processed drinks are not healthy. The juice you make at home using a juice maker will give the required nutrition as it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and more. 

More Antioxidants for Your Body

Homemade juices are rich in antioxidants and are antiviral and anticancer nutrition for your body. These antioxidants are great for getting rid of toxins from your body. So, make it a habit to consume fruit or vegetable juices regularly. 

Aid Weight Loss

If you are on a weight loss regime, homemade fresh juice should be a vital part of your daily diet. It is excellent for a calorie-deficit diet, so you have to eat less to cut down extra pounds. For example, if your weight is 80 kg, then to maintain that weight, you have to eat around 2500 calories per day but to lose weight, you have to consume less than 2500 calories per day. Therefore, specialists recommend eating less or drinking juices. Eating less doesn’t mean you should follow a diet that is a deficit of nutrients. You need to choose foods that are low in calories. If you want to stay energized throughout the day, it’s essential to add fresh juices to your diet plan, even when on a diet. 

Now that you know the innumerable benefits of homemade fresh juice,  start including it in your daily diet. Further, ensure that you consume the juice as soon as you prepare it in your juicer. If you store it for long, harmful bacteria can start breeding.

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