Greatest Features of SIP Trunk Service – In the modern fast-paced world, large businesses choose innovative and highly technological solutions for company development and telecommunication help both outside and inside the enterprise. The new solutions are being developed, each covering all the customer needs and issues. One of such modern systems is SIP trunk service, which makes remote communication easier and hassle-free.

Innovative offers allow companies to use their resources rationally: the operator is to be flexible enabling the client to use advanced technologies at an affordable price. Thus, the SIP trunk service provides a telephone connection to a firm without reference to the physical location of the client’s equipment. So when even changing the office, the company can use the service on the network of another operator without changing the number.

The SIP trunking makes it possible for one to connect two or more telephony lines over one cable through the Internet access network using as many telephone numbers as you need. The SIP trunk service is intended for partners who wish to use telephony services with the maximum benefit for the deal. It will help you deploy your own corporate communications network or carry out the transfer of lines with preserving numbering, if necessary. So it will be useful for both creating an enterprise telecommunication network and moving all technical equipment between the offices.

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The main advantages the SIP trunk service use are system security, quality, and speed. The ironclad security is established due to a channel being reserved for several IP addresses. Thus, if the main channel is unavailable for some reason, switching to the backup channel occurs within five seconds. Reservation occurs both automatically and physically.

What are other benefits of SIP? There is a list of them:

  • ROI – SIP connection does not require huge investments. No expensive gateways and cards are necessary; most modern PBX connect to the provider directly;
  • More effective communications – Several types of communication can be conducted via SIP trunk: voice, text, and even video;
  • Reducing the cost of calls – One of the main reasons for choosing SIP is the low cost of traffic. High competition among providers and the convenience of a feed channel lead to it;
  • Productivity boost – SIP technology makes your workers mobile and flexible. You can also transfer your office and PBX in shortest terms;
  • Reliability – SIP trunks are very reliable. In case there are any local problems in your office, you can easily set up call forwarding to a mobile or any other number;
  • High-quality communication – It is only SIP allows for the G722 HD codec, and thereby you can get the highest possible voice quality;
  • No restrictions – In one SIP trunk, you can get a huge amount of DID (numbers). You also will not be limited by the number of simultaneous calls.
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All in all, SIP trunk provides 100% safety, cost-efficiency, and flexibility to businesses of any size and field of operation.

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