How to Create own Church Streaming Services to Telecast Live – Technological advancements have brought everything to the online sphere. Where theatres and blue-ray releases used to be our only source of movies entertainment, and traditional TV as the only source of popular serials, platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu brought that stuff to the online population.

So why not augment the church sermons to this catalogue? We have been browsing traditional TV channels for church sermons for a long time. So for the same reason that brought traditional TV and DVD content to the online media, why can’t it bring the church sermons to the same space? If there are sports streaming services and live wedding streaming solutions, why can’t we have similar church streaming services?

Can you create a church streaming platform to telecast live sermons?

Of course, we can!

Today, live streaming capabilities have broadened to an enormous level. In fact, humanity made itself capable of broadcasting HD live feeds way before Facebook or YouTube introduced live streaming features.

For the first time ever, the entire Summer Olympics has streamed live in HD quality in 2008 itself. This was a result of a pact between Microsoft and NBC, where they brought the slickest live streaming world could imagine by then. It was back in 2008, but today, you don’t need to be Microsoft or NBC to stream anything to anyone.

I am not talking about social media streaming on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I am talking about professional HD live streaming with the least latency and flexibility for monetization. I am talking about custom live streaming with the customizability to accommodate a business model for revenue generation through church live streaming services. Exactly the same way Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are making money, but with a live content instead of just the VOD content.

How much does it cost to build a church streaming platform?

Honestly, it depends!

The cost to build a professional live streaming platform for church live streaming services depends on various factors. The cost varies as you append your requirements for –

  • Advanced business models,
  • Development tech stack,
  • Scalability of the platform,
  • Quality of the streaming engine,
  • Scalability of the streaming server, and
  • Support for cross-platform devices.
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As you advance with your requirements and scale your platform on the above aspects, the total cost changes with it. For example, in addition to a normal web server, you should also add a CDN for the delay-free and latency-free live streaming.

It depends on how you choose. However, in this article, I am going to explain a very easy way to build a church live streaming platform, that too without coding from scratch.

How to create a platform for Church Streaming Services without coding?

Today, building even a huge website like YouTube Live is not a tough nut to crack. Software developers know that there are people like you, who have great business skills but not website development skills. To capitalize on this hassle, many software development companies have come up with ready-made website builders that let anyone create big platforms without coding.

Clone scripts are one of those builders. These are the readymade website building solutions designed taking a popular business as a base. By cloning the minimal features of popular business solutions, clone scripts make sure you get your tech solution to launch your business as quick as possible. For example, if you want to start a VOD platform similar to that of Netflix and also want to adopt the same business model like it, you can use a Netflix clone script. A Netflix clone script will constitute of every fundamental feature that will make your custom platform identical to Netflix’ business model.

In the same way, there are ready-made live streaming software solutions in the market. You can purchase one and set up your platform in just a few hours without coding. Though it is said without coding, but most of these platforms also allow you to modify the code in case you want to customize some feature or add any new feature in the future.

How to choose an efficient church streaming solution?

Remember, the work of a ready-made software solution is to eliminate the need for re-inventing the wheel. An efficient script must allow you to get most of the features by default, and should necessarily allow you to customize the existing platform on the requirement. Below is a breakdown of the features that every church streaming platform must possess for the users and the platform owner (admin).

The total number of solutions required:

A church streaming service involves two major modules: Admin and Users. So we need two modules for sure-

  1. Admin Panel: To manage live streams, content, and users.
  2. User end UI: To browse the live streams being broadcasted. Now, we can classify the “User” UI in three major categories:
    1. Web RTCfor website-based viewing
    2. Android Mobile App and
    3. iOS Mobile App
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Fundamental features for the users

Irrespective of the platform (web or mobile apps), the user side of the platform must necessarily contain the following features in the base code of the script:

  • Search streams
  • Browse stream channels
  • Live comments
  • Subscribe to stream channels
  • Like and Dislike streams
  • Share streams on social media
  • Report other users and activities
  • Browse old streams
  • Dynamic bit-rate switching for buffer-free streaming
  • Responsive web video player with playback controls


Fundamental features for the Admin

  • Create stream channels
  • Live stream to the channels
  • Immediate stream
  • Schedule a stream
  • Manage stream quality
  • Embed Ads in the streams
  • Embed banner Ads on the player screen
  • Embed video Ads before stream play
  • Create Subscription plans
  • Set subscription plan rules
  • Add Premium only content without Ad
  • Add free streams with Ads
  • Receive on-site payments
  • Integrated payment gateways
  • SEO optimized website
  • Live stream analytics
  • Recorded stream analytics
  • User Analytics
  • Integrated Google Analytics


Build your professional church seaming platform today

Online video streaming is a fast-growing niche. You know that one-third of the internet traffic is through video content only. Out of all this, live video streams hold a great number. If movies, serials, documentaries, sports, and Senate sessions can be streamed with unique propositions, why can’t a church service?

You just need to create a platform that fits the requirement of this niche and people will come to your platform from across the planet. Video consumers these days are not limited to just movies and web series, live educational videos are also in great demand. There is nothing better than stream the church sermons live.

  • You can help people can’t attend church services due to age, sickness or any other reason.
  • You can save the live streams to let people watch the services later on.
  • You can get a TV app to let users watch the stream on their internet TV.

Churn streaming is not a business, but a noble way to give your community an opportunity to feel attached to the roots. You can increase awareness and involve as many community members into this noble task.

A lot of churches have already started broadcasting live, but most of them are not doing the right way because they do not know the ways and technicalities. Take that burden from them and create a professional grade platform of your own to reach as many audiences in the right way today.

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