How to make Changes in your Facebook Page Name?

Ever wonder how to change the name of a Facebook page? One of the first steps that a brand or business takes on a digital level has to do with creating a fanpage. However, creating a Facebook page, at least in the beginning, can lead us to make some unintended mistakes that we want to instantly correct.

One of the most common errors is related to the name of our page. The big question is: can I change the name of my Facebook page? Luckily for everyone, it is possible!

If you are one of those who wonder why I can’t change the name of my Facebook page, congratulations! You are here because you want to take the next step to position your page on Facebook . It does not matter if you did not fill in the information correctly when registering your account, you did not verify the availability of the name in web domains or other social networks, or the current name does not reflect your company. Today we will teach you how to solve that problem.

In this tutorial you will learn how to change the name of a Facebook page , along with other questions: how to merge two Facebook pages and how to convert my personal profile into a business account on Facebook. You will see how easy it is to do it. And best of all, these small actions can help your potential customers advance your sales funnel .

Ready to start? Let’s go by steps.

Why is it important to create a Facebook page for your business?

Did you know that there are currently more than 80 million business pages on Facebook? This has an explanation: 44% of users admit that Facebook has influenced their purchase , according to data collected by the specialized portal Website Hosting Rating .

This factor is a clear signal for us to seriously think about creating a Facebook page for companies . But there are more reasons why your brand should have a presence in this powerful social network. I’ll tell you!
More possibilities to increase your visibility!

Considering that more than one billion people actively use Facebook each month, this is one of the main reasons why your brand or business should have a fanpage .

In fact, until a few years ago, brands that didn’t have a website didn’t exist digitally; This, however, changed with the appearance of social networks , to the point that today users are looking for recommendations through these and not so much from a search engine .

So, creating a Facebook page for a company will allow you to position your brand easily and even organically ; that is, without making an investment in between.
A growing community

By creating a Facebook page for a company, you will have the possibility of being much closer to your customers , solving their doubts instantly, a factor that could speed up the sale.

Also, you will be able to analyze them and understand what their tastes and preferences are. This, for example, will allow you to develop a strategy content marketing that not only meets the demands of your community, but also those of the industry to which your brand belongs , which will allow you to get potential customers.

You can also invest

If your brand budget allows it, a Facebook page for your company will allow you to carry out marketing campaigns very precisely. This, because you can segment your target audience and create strategies linked to the recognition of your brand or the sale itself.

“Facebook is the largest social network in the world and, at the campaign level, it is about constant learning. Every day we can discover new campaign ideas to implement in this social network, in which, as advertisers, we will have a infinite potential scope. The good thing about Facebook is that we will always find growth opportunities, even with very limited budgets ” , explains Javier Arronte, professor of our online course Facebook and Instagram Ads: Campaigns from scratch

That is, you will not necessarily have to run million-dollar campaigns to be successful and achieve your goals. It is only a good strategy, in which you must apply correct segmentation.

You have a website?

Perfect! Because from a Facebook page for your company you can generate traffic to your website . Of course, we must avoid being invasive and send them to the website for any reason. If you send them, there is a reason.

For example, if you have an e-commerce and you launch a discount code or an offer through social networks, it would make sense to send them directly to the purchase. If not, it could be detrimental, since it would be as if you were forcing them to buy and this could also play against the bounce rate of your website.

If you bring them to your website with a promise, you have to keep it!

So that you have it clearer, I invite you to know what Facebook Business is and how it works . The truth is that creating a Facebook page for companies is a super important step, so you must pay close attention to it from the name that you will give it .

If you mess up, don’t worry! Here are the steps to rename a Facebook page .

How to change the name of my Facebook page?

If you have made the decision to do so, you only have to enter the platform administrator to request a change in the name of your Facebook page. Below, I detail the step by step to do it successfully:

  1. You must enter the news section, click on the icon called “Pages” in the menu on the left side.
  2. Go to your Facebook page and select the option “Edit information” in the lower left corner.
  3. Click on the page name.
  4. Enter the new name of your Facebook page.
  5. Verify all the information on the request and click on “Request change”.
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You will not be able to make this change if you find yourself in any of these situations:

  • You try to rename a regional page within a global one
  • You do not have the administrator role to change the name of the Facebook page
  • You have recently changed the name of the page

It can also happen that what you really wanted was not to change the name of the facebook page, but to change the username. But what difference is there between page name and username ?

First of all, the username of the Facebook page will be useful for:

Define the URL of your Facebook page:
Get tagged in a comment or post on Facebook

Instead, the name of the Facebook page will help you:

Web searches
Brand positioning

How do I know what it is? Simple. When editing the information on the page, you will see a box that says name , in which the profile name goes, and another that says username , which will be the way to identify your account by the URL. But is it possible to change it? Yes of course!
How to change the URL of your Facebook page?

Not only the name of your Facebook page is important, but also the URL . Having a URL with the name of your company or a keyword will allow your fanpage to position itself better in search engines and, in addition, users will be able to find it more easily.

When creating a Facebook page for your company, the same platform will assign you by default a URL that usually includes the name of your company and many (many) numbers. Luckily, it is possible to change the URL of your Facebook page, although you must keep these requirements in mind:

Your page should have between 10 and 25 followers.
You must be the administrator of the Facebook page.
You will have to choose a name that is available.

Once you consider these requirements, you must follow these steps to change the URL of your Facebook page.

Go to your Facebook page

In the menu on the left, select “Edit information.”

A box will appear in which you can modify the name of your page, as well as the username. The username is the URL of your page.
Put the name that will appear in your URL and the platform will notify you if it is available and that’s it!

Keep in mind that Facebook has certain restrictions when changing the username . For example, it must have at least five characters, you cannot impersonate a brand, put very generic names, among others.

You can check the URL change of your Facebook page in the search bar once you update your fanpage . I recommend using keywords from the category your brand belongs to to create a Facebook page for business at your URL. But not so many! The least we want is to become spam.

Keep in mind that, just like the name change, Facebook also has limitations on changing the URL . Although you can modify it almost instantly, if the platform detects many changes, it could even block the page . Don’t take that risk! So, it is best to think carefully about what your username will be.

How long does it take to change the name of the Facebook page?

The truth is, it could take as long as a movie on Netflix or an entire marathon (with many seasons and countless episodes). There is no exact time, but the estimate fluctuates between a couple of hours and, at most, 3 days, when changing the name of the Facebook page.

Even if you have waited all this time, something bad could happen and you wonder why Facebook rejected the change of the name of my page on Facebook?

what to do in that case? Don’t worry, you can appeal the decision. All you have to do is respond to the message that the platform will send you and explain the reasons that led you to change the name of the Facebook page. It will be important that you have on hand your commercial certificate, documents of the company in general or any proof that supports the change. This Facebook policy, on many occasions, limits deception and fraud committed by third parties .

There is one more security step: now all your followers will receive a notification that the page has changed its name and will have the possibility to indicate if it is a fraud.

How to change the name of a Facebook page from a phone?

According to statistics Hootsuite , more than 90 percent of people who use social networks do so from a phone , so it is also important to know how to change the name of a Facebook page from a cell phone.

To change the name of a Facebook page from your mobile device follow these steps :

From the Facebook or Facebook Lite application, click on the options bar located in the upper right corner.
In the menu that appears, click on the profile of your Facebook page.

Press the edit page button.
In the name box, write the new title that the page will have.
Click on save changes.

Now, you know how to change the name of a Facebook page from your phone, let’s see what happens with the other possible scenarios .

How many times can a Facebook page be renamed?

I insist that you must be very careful when naming your fanpage . It’s not that Facebook allows you to change the name of your page as many times as you want.

In addition to being a somewhat cumbersome process, changing the name of your Facebook page several times could alter the behavior and reaction of your community.

how many times can a facebook page be renamed

That is one of the reasons why Facebook put a limit related to the renaming of fanpages . So how many times can you change the name of a Facebook page?

Until the last update of their policies, it is only allowed to change the name of a page five times .

If you hit the limit, unfortunately you won’t be able to rename your Facebook page again . Be very careful with that!

I suggest that before changing the name of your Facebook page, you are sure enough of the new name or, in any case, brainstorm until you find the right name.

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How to merge two Facebook pages?

What if it was only possible to merge two Facebook pages? Well, it is possible. Doing so will combine likes and views . It should be noted that one of the pages will be eliminated , but it will be worth it, because you will boost your community and you will be able to grow on Facebook. This process may take a few days and is final.

But what are the requirements to merge Facebook pages?

  • You must be the administrator of both pages.
  • The pages should have similar names.
  • The pages must have the same URL.

There are three scenarios that you might face when trying to merge two Facebook pages:
Have two Facebook pages with a similar name

As we mentioned, this is a must have. If you already have it, you just have to follow the following steps indicated by the platform:

And a
Select two pages that you want to merge and click Continue.
Click Request Merge.

Please note that when merging two Facebook Pages, all posts, photos, reviews, and ratings, along with the username of the page you want to merge, will be removed. Thus, you must decide carefully which Facebook account you prefer to lose information from . Once again, there is no going back!

Have you already requested it and the changes have not yet been made? I recommend doing a progress monitoring with Facebook Support to know your progress when merging two Facebook pages.

Merge Facebook Pages

Have two Facebook pages with different names

It can also happen that you want to merge pages with different names, and yes, it is one of the rules to be able to do the merge . Quiet! Nothing is lost, just that it will take a few extra steps to achieve the goal of merging two Facebook pages.

First of all, you need to change the name of the Facebook page. As we mentioned: this might take a couple of days, but it’s worth it. Just remember to have the necessary documentation on hand so that Facebook knows that it is about you and not an impostor who wants to steal from your community. Once you have this solved, you will find yourself in the first scenario and you just have to follow the steps that we discussed before.

Have a personal account and a Facebook page

That? Seriously, it is possible to do it in the wonderful world of Facebook. Although due to the changes that were recently made in the interface of the social network, it is no longer possible to convert your profile into a Facebook page directly , you still have alternatives to take advantage of the scope of your personal profile.

Now you have no excuse to delete those duplicate pages. With these tips, you will not have to lose a single like , you will only simplify the management of your community.

If you still have doubts, we summarize it for you:

If both pages have similar names → merge them without problems.
If the pages do not have similar names → change one of them → merge them without problems.
Use some of the data and friends list from your personal profile for your new Facebook page.

Can I convert my profile into a business account on Facebook?

Unfortunately, the option to convert a personal profile to a company account is no longer active in the Facebook administrator .

Until the beginning of 2021 there was an option to migrate your personal profile information to a new Facebook page, including the incredible possibility that your friends automatically became followers of your page.

Why can’t I convert my profile to a business account on Facebook?

convert facebook personal profile

Until the publication of this note, Facebook has not commented on the change, and has not given information on whether it will be reactivated at any time.

In case Mark Zuckerberg decides to give us back the opportunity to turn the personal profile into a Facebook page, here are some points of interest about the defunct feature .

Possibility of maintaining both your personal account and a new page.
Automatic migration of profile photos to your new page.
Same personal profile name and Facebook page.
There is no possibility of moving posts from the personal profile to the new page.

To migrate the information from a personal profile to a Facebook page, the Facebook migration page was used. This, however, is not currently enabled.
What are my options if I want to migrate from a personal profile to a Facebook page?

To take advantage of all your opportunities and reach an increasingly wide audience , you should not only know how to change the name of a Facebook page, but it is very important that you know how to use it and link to your page the community that you have created in your personal profile.

Having a Facebook page is important for any digital marketing strategy , especially because of the access to metrics you get about the interactions of your target audience with the page, and because it gives your company or startup a professional character.

So what is the alternative to migrate from a personal profile to a Facebook page ?

So far, the most effective option is to create an invite strategy so that your friends can be followers of your new Facebook page.

Here’s how to invite your friends to your Facebook page :

  • From the page panel, click on the three dots next to your page’s profile photo.
  • Click on the option to invite friends.
  • Select the friends you want to invite.
  • Watch your page start to grow!

You must bear in mind that there is a limit of invitations per day , Facebook will only allow you to suggest your new page to 100 friends every 24 hours.

To take advantage of your possibilities, I recommend that you choose those who are more likely to accept the request . Also, during this process, it is recommended not to change the name of a Facebook page, because it could cause confusion.

Now yes, we have already unlocked the knowledge to change the name of the Facebook page and we have discovered how you can merge pages and take advantage of the reach that you have gained with your personal profile. Remember to check very well what scenario you are in to optimize processes.

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