Is Ryzen 1600 Good for Streaming? – It is a fact that many other competitive processors happened to be bestsellers before the Ryzen 1600 series made its entry into the market. It has been one of the most promising products from the AMD family, and it has helped the company to set its benchmark in the market. The Ryzen series is the performance-based computer processors that are designed especially for the mid-segment and high-end PCs.

Intel is always known for its exceptional services in the computer world as well as in the gaming industry. But in the last couple of years, AMD has just kept everyone awestruck with its compelling offerings. The processors from AMD now offer more threads and more cores at a very competitive price bracket as compared to the processors from its major competitor – Intel. Ryzen 1600 and its superior sibling Ryzen 1700 series are one of the real winners in the market that are known for their well-coupled efficiency and competitive pricing.

In this article, we are going to put lights on whether the Ryzen 1600 is good for streaming or not. We will also do a comparative analysis of Ryzen 1700 vs Ryzen 1600.

Ryzen 1600: A Detailed Review

The Ryzen 1600 series can be compared with the i5 quad-core of Intel by keeping the price factor in an account, but the Ryzen 1600 is a much better offering. The Ryzen processors are made from 14-nm silicon and consist of six cores, which are coupled with Simultaneous Multi-Threading and unlocked base-clock multipliers. The Ryzen 1600 series processors get a vast and thick heat sink integrated on the chip. The processor comes with a 1600 Pin Grid Array.

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  • Extremely competitive performance
  • Well round platform price
  • Unlocked radio multiplier
  • Similar power envelope as Ryzen 7
  • Memory overclocking

Ryzen 1700: A Detailed Review

The Ryzen 1700 is again designed to be one of the best-suited products for heavily threaded workloads. It is also one of the offerings from AMD that comes in the entry-level price bracket for the top of the line eight-core processors. It also features the overclocking headroom, and it all set to give fierce competition to all the competitors.

  • Eight core architecture
  • TDP Value of 65 W
  • Integrated bundled cooling management
  • Unlocked multipliers
  • Lower stock performance than its counterparts
  • Poorer gaming experience and performance
  • Below par augmented software ecosystem

Comparison Between Ryzen 1600 and Ryzen 1700:

Specification Ryzen 1600 Ryzen 1700
CPU Cores 6 8
Number of threads 12 16
Base Clock 3.2GHz 3.2GHz
Maximum boost clock 3.6GHz 4.1GHz
Total L1 Cache 576KB 768KB
Total L2 Cache 3MB 4MB
Total L3 Cache 16MB 16MB
Technology 14nm CMOS 12nm FinFET
Package AM4 AM4
PCI Express Version PCIe 3.0 x 16 PCIe 3.0 x 16
Thermal Solution Wraith Spire with no LED Wraith Spire with RGB LED
Default TDP 65W 65W
Maximum Temperature 95°C 95°C
System Memory Speed 2667 MHz 2933 MHz
System Memory Type DDR4 DDR4
Memory Channels 2 2


What makes the Ryzen 1600 the most favored processor for streaming?

It is a fact that Ryzen 1600 has been one of the most loved processors of professionals and gamers all over the world. That is why it packs a substantial core advantage from AMD. It also has unlocked multipliers and numerous threads, which leaves the professionals with no other option to choose from in their price bracket. Ryzen 1600 is truly an exceptional value for streaming experiences. With better processors, the quality of the streaming experience has been highly fine-tuned. The streaming performance is highly enhanced as soon as you go for overclocking.

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It is a fact that the streaming experience in a game is much more affected by the number of cores and threads in the processor. The Ryzen 1600 has 6-cores and 12 threads to offer the best ever streaming of any high-end game at 30 FPS with 1080p resolution. It is the sole reason for many gamers migrating to AMD platforms in the course of their upgrades to get better throughput.

The Ryzen 1600 is specifically designed to outcast the likes of Intel manufactured i7 processors & its ability to stream high-end games at a much affordable cost making it easier for masses to have their hands on all the games that they love to play.


To maintain its foothold in the market and offer a tough competition to the competitors, AMD is trying hard to achieve success with its Ryzen series, which is available at a much-reduced cost than its main rival – Intel. The DNA of AMD has been to offer quality products in nominal pricing so that it would be affordable to a larger section of the society.

The Ryzen series has been tested thoroughly by industry experts and gamers from all over the world, and the testimonials received from them are just amazing. Ryzen series has been highly successful in offering seamless and smooth performance in all circumstances subjected to the processor. So, if you are looking for processors that can offer a superb streaming capability, then the Ryzen 1600 series would never disappoint you.

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