How to play Axie Infinity to earn cryptocurrencies and NFT

Imagine that you were paid to play a video game and that you could even make a living from it. Now this is a reality thanks to play to earn (P2E) games, which allow you to earn cryptocurrencies, and Axie Infinity is one of the most popular and profitable out there.

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired collectible creature video game developed by Sky Mavis studio. Here players battle each other with the fantastic powers of their Axies, the digital creatures of this world. Each of these creatures is a non-fungible token (NFT) with the ability to reproduce to create new, unique and valuable characters.

Creatures, powerful items, and lands from Axie Infinity can be traded for cryptocurrencies on the platform’s marketplace. They can also be bought or sold in different markets for NFT, where they have been priced at great figures for any collector, gamer or trader.

This guide shows you the rules and the different game modes to earn cryptocurrencies and NFT in Axie Infinity. By learning the steps to start playing, you will be able to design better strategies to play one of the games play to earn most profitable of the moment.

Buy NFT creatures at Axie Infinity

Players have to buy at least 3 Axies on the marketplace to start. Their prices vary as much as their abilities. Based on a good balance between skills, rarity and other factors, which we will explain to you, it is possible to get profitable and valuable creatures in the growing market for NFTs. There is a way to play without investing, as we will explain later in this CryptoNews guide.

Because Axies are non-fungible or NFT tokens, you don’t need to enter the game to trade them. Think of them as trading cards that are bought and sold on different marketplaces for NFT. Therefore, only by buying cheap and selling them later you can earn cryptocurrencies.

However, in the game these characters can reproduce and create another NFT token with characteristics similar to those of their parents and the quality of being unique.

Each Axie can be played up to 7 times. If you consider that each Axie that is born has a similar value to the Axie that you buy (not exactly the same), you can calculate your earnings based on that. However, you should take into account a couple of other things.

How much do Axies cost?

When you enter you will see creatures of different prices. The higher your Axie’s abilities, the more battles you can win and the more valuable her young will be. So make sure your Axies have good speed and good attack, at least.

An Axie that has a speed greater than 42 and a skill ( skill ) above 30 can be perfect to start winning battles and have good profitability. A powerful Axie in battle could currently cost around 0.08 ETH or more than $ 200.

In case you consider yourself a player, or an investor, with much more than just luck, you can aim to buy some special Axie. Some of these can cost more than 0.2 ETH or USD 700. These Axies are precisely the ones that can give the most profitability, since each brood can be sold as NFT for a price of more than 0.1 ETH or USD 400 and without a doubt it will be above average in battles against another player.

Characters that are cheaper will not perform well. You probably can’t reproduce them that many times and they won’t win many battles. The cheapest ones can cost between 0.002 ETH and 0.005 ETH, less than USD20.

How can I earn money on Axie Infinity?

The game uses two BEP20 tokens from the Ronin sidechain (although for now it works in conjunction with Ethereum ERC20 tokens). Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) is one of them and it serves so that users can do staking and help decide how the project is developed. It can be bought on exchanges like Binance .

AXS token owners can stake or receive rewards for holding this token in an account. It could be used in the future for players to receive rewards when they participate in some games within the Axie Infinity metaverse, which could be created by the users themselves.

The Smooth Love Potion (SLP) token or «soft love potion», in Spanish, is obtained mainly by winning battles with your 3 Axies. Later we will explain how to play.

SLP token rewards are earned in a number of ways. By playing adventure mode (player vs. computer, arena mode (player vs. player) or by completing daily missions, which is one way to earn SLP.

This is also known as farming in English (to cultivate), which is a way of earning credits or points in a video game, defeating enemies or repeatedly completing an objective, and then selling them for cryptocurrencies or other types of money.

You can also buy or sell it on some exchanges such as Ripio, OKEx or Binance, and exchange it for ETH or any other token.

SLP tokens are also required to breed new Axies. You can also use it to buy in-game artifacts to aid you in your battles.

How much money can you win playing Axie Infinity’s adventure mode?

If you play around two or three hours in mode adventure , you can earn up to 100 SLP per day (this is the limit), in addition to 50 SLP if you complete a mission or quest , which consists of the challenge of completing 10 levels in mode adventure and winning 5 times to other players in arena mode. In total there are 150 SLP per day, which would be in dollars, at today’s price (USD 0.08), USD 12 per day.

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If we multiply this by 30, in case you were playing a little daily at the beginner level and with low level Axies, which are around $ 150 each, you would get 4,500 SLP or $ 360.

It is possible to earn much more. Keep in mind that during several months of 2021 the price of SLP was higher, so this same effort could give rewards of more than USD 1,000.

How much can I win in arena or player versus player mode?

In arena or player versus player (PVP) mode, you can win between 1 SLP and 12 SLP. It depends on how many of these wins you have achieved as you play. It also depends on the level of your Axies.

Characters with fewer skills can win simple battles. Characters with more powers earn more, but they cost $ 400 (intermediate level) or around $ 1,000 (high level). There are Axies that cost more than USD 3,000, so you can get an idea of ​​how difficult it can be to defeat them in battle or how powerful you would be in this video game.

The minimum amount of battles won (or cups) you need to add tokens like this is 800. When you have more than 2,200 battles won, you get the maximum.

This mode does not prevent you from playing the mode adventure and can give you rewards of 35 SLP per day on average if you win each of the 5 battles that requires, for example, a mission.

You just have to take into account that the battles you win depend on a kind of “investment” of energy that your Axies have and their level (in the guide on how to play, later, we will explain what energy is). The higher your level, the more SLP you can win in each battle and climb the ranking by investing that energy.

Expert players earn more by doing individual battles than by playing mode adventure . But this is because they have already achieved more than 1,100 wins and invest their entire energy score in this mode (as we will explain in the section on how to play).

What are scholarships at Axie Infinity?

Playing Axie Infinity has become inaccessible nowadays due to the high prices that Axies have reached in the market. If you want to play and you do not have the necessary capital to start, do not worry because there is a way to do it without the need to invest, thanks to Axie scholarships.

An Axie scholarship is the rent or “loan” of an account for another to “work” or play with and generate SLP. The owner of the Axies and the intern divide the earnings based on an agreement they previously established. It can be a fixed monthly payment or a percentage of those earnings.

It is important to mention that it is not possible to have several accounts on the same device since there is a risk that the Axies will be blocked for periods of up to almost 3 years.

What are the lands of Axie Infinity?

The land ( land ) of Axie Infinity is called Lunacia and it has not been opened to the public yet, although there was an Alpha version initially in which you could not play or do much, it was only possible to interact a little by moving inside it or placing some objects.
Lands by Axie Infinity – CryptoNews The further to the center of the map, the more expensive the land is. Source:

Lunacia is divided into parcels called Terra , which are the homes and bases of operations for the Axies. They can be purchased, rented, and developed by players, who will be able to program land-specific applications for the game.

You can also upgrade your territory to host stores, produce resources, or turn your terrain into an access point to lead participants to content outside of the game.

You will be able to find different resources that will appear in the lands or lands , mainly in the nodes (the pink points on the map) from time to time. These lands are also NFT and can be bought and sold in and out of the game.

Guide to start playing Axie Infinity

You can now click on « Play Now « (upper right corner in the following image) and you will see the option to download the game and install it.

Once installed, you open it. As you will see, your Axies are not there.

You click on “play” and then on Axies (bottom left).

Now you click on ” Sync Axie “, which will synchronize your Ronin Wallet with the game so that you can see your characters. After syncing, you can see each of your Axies and their technical details.

Build your Axie Infinity team

This is the time to create your team with the three Axies you bought.

Being in Home you must click on « Teams » (teams) in the button at the bottom of the left side.

A new screen will open where you must click on « New team » (new team).

You click on the plus symbol to add each Axie in the order you want them to fight.

Remember that order influences the outcome of battles. You give the team a name and click ” save team “.

How do you play Axie Infinity?

Now you are ready to start participating in the game to win the most popular cryptocurrency.

Keep in mind that each Axie has 4 traits: Health ( healt ), morale (critical hit chance), skill or skill (the additional damage at the time of play) and speed (the faster your Axie is, the more chance you have to attack earlier in battle).

Your defense and attack skills will largely depend on the “species” of Axie you choose. There are 9 species: beasts, ( beast ), plants ( plants ), beetle ( bug ), fish ( aquatic ), reptiles and birds ( birds ) are the main ones.

Also consider how much energy you have available, because it is important to get better performance. So if you wonder what is energy in Axie Infinity? You should know that this allows you to level up, gain experience and take profit in SLP.

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Every 6 hours you gain 5 points of this Axie energy and everything is renewed every 6 hours if you have between 3 and 9 creatures (it takes less time if you have more creatures). Once your power is depleted you lose your ability to gain experience, level up, or earn SLP in arena mode battles, but it doesn’t stop you from continuing to play.

Adventure mode

This is how you play against the machine. Many players start mode adventure from a simple level. This facilitates your learning process and as you progress, the characteristics of your Axies improve. Playing well takes time and practice.

The important thing here is to play until you get 100 SLP and “use up” all the energy of your Axies, because this allows you to gain experience. This experience will help your Axies level up.

The more level your Axies are, the more they can advance on the “path” established by the game and reach the stages where 100 SLPs are achieved in less time. The maximum level that an Axie can reach is 25 and from stage 20 onwards, 100 SLPs can be achieved in less amount of time. Leveling up your Axies and reaching these mode stages adventure could take you about a month.

Arena mode

Basically you are in the jungle, you play with other participants who are online at the time. Although there are levels, your opponent can be expert and easily beat you.

For this reason, it is recommended that you start in mode adventure so that you can gain experience and your Axies level up. It is advisable to understand the game well before facing others in arena mode.

In arena or player versus player mode, the energy of your Axies is also important, because only when you invest energy and win battles do you get SLP reward. Ideally, for a beginner or mid-level player, win at least 7 SLPs per battle.

This is achieved when you have more than 1,100 battles won. At this point it would be best if you invest all the energy of the Axies in the battle mode. When you have less than 800 battles won you cannot add SLP and with more than 2,000 you can get up to 12 SLP.

Keep in mind that when you lose battle you lose energy and you can lower the ranking.

Things to know about Axies battles

Now, once you are on the battlefield, the first three elements and the most important that you must observe before starting are the round that you have, the amount of energy you have and your initial six cards.

The round (in the previous image, above) is the order or of the attacks and is determined by the speed that your Axie has. Energy (meter bottom left same image) is key and it is important to manage it well during battle.

What are Axie Power Cards?

The Axie Infinity cards represent your character’s abilities and are used to compare the powers of the creatures they face.
cards and powers of your Axies In the text of this card it indicates that you can gain an energy point from your opponent with a critical strike.

Hovering over a letter will make it larger so you can see the information better. Each one shows how much energy it consumes in the orange circle at the top left of it. The number with a red background, below it, indicates the amount of destruction or attack it has.

The next number with a green background indicates the shielding that the card offers. It depends on this information if the card is better for attacking or defending yourself. At the bottom of the card there is a text that says the characteristic or special power that it has.

After reviewing all your cards you can see your opponents’ cards and all their information by clicking on them.

There are guides like the Axie Infinity Alpha Guide with which you can support yourself. It contains all the rules and data you need to play.

Battle of Axies against Axies

Once you have reviewed all the information, it is time to start. If you have to be the first, you must observe the health ( healt ) that your opponent has (the number that floats above them). The closest creature is always attacked first.

On offense, your goal is for the attack points your cards have to exceed your opponent’s life points. One or more cards can be used for an attack and one or more Axies.

Once you have selected your cards, you click on End Turn and then the attack will take place.

There are different effects in addition to the points of attack and defense in each movement. It depends on the characteristics of your Axie and the cards you are using. You can, for example, slow down the opponent’s speed or regain health by using a card with that description, you can paralyze an opponent for a time, steal their energy, among other things.

Axie Infinity can be played for as long as you want in arena or player versus player mode. In mode adventure there are some limits. You only have 36 levels or stages, which can be repeated multiple times to accumulate SLP with each repetition. Of course, there are easy and hard levels and not all of them reward the same.

Some mode levels adventure , like 21, offer a one-time bonus reward (200 SLP when you beat it). The battle mode measures the level of the players in terms of battles. So the only limitation is your Axies’ own abilities to win more than 2,000 battles or cups.

According to the developers of this project play to earn , to earn cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity will have more tournaments, weekly and monthly missions in the future. In addition, it is expected that the arrival of the lands will generate new ways of playing and exchanging SLP and NFT tokens.

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