The Problem Of Spam-Associated Emails And IPs – Spammers are a real problem for many types of websites and online services, such as blogs, forums, social networks, news portals, emails. These have a significant effect on productivity both at home and at work and contaminate the discourse between online users.

Moreover, the same infrastructure (e.g. servers) that is used for spam is used for a great variety of other online offences, including criminal activities (infrastructure is shared to save costs. Hence, actively monitoring the perpetrators usually comes with great safety benefits.

The Problem Of Spam-Associated Emails And IPs And The Utility Of Blacklist Checks

Online Spam And Fraud

Fortunately, there are established services that allow real-time IP.  There are already entities on the market that can be considered giants in this respect, with about 300 thousand registered websites. Such big companies usually offer integrated solutions for checking registrations, comments, bookings, orders, widgets, emails, and users. Head to to avoid spam mailouts and other types of malicious activity associated with email or IP addresses.

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The Types Of Malicious Activity Associated With Emails And IPs

Spam prevention services that have reached a significant user count can benefit enormously by capitalizing on this aspect. Thus, specific functionality can be built into these services so that users can report the IP or email addresses and specify the type of malicious activity associated with them:

  • spam in the commenting section of the website;
  • email spam;
  • fraud;
  • phishing – attempting to retrieve important user data like usernames, passwords, financial credentials through delusion (disguising as a trustworthy authority);
  • DoS or DDoS (Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service) – a concerted action by many Internet-capable devices/servers during which all these access the same site simultaneously in an attempt to overload it and stop it from responding at all;
  • hacking;
  • brute force attacks – trying systemically a big number of passwords in order to guess the right one.

Benefits Of Active Reporting By A Vast Community Of Users

Active reporting by a large user base helps to create a fast responding community of contributing members, while the company enables and facilitates the technical aspects of this interaction. Some of these aspects include providing web plugins and modules for a variety of popular platforms, like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or using API for automated verification.

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Needless to say, all the types of information reported ultimately translate to the same types of information available to each user, with each email or IP being classified according to the threat type and other features, including the number of attacks, the country of origin, the web app from which the report was sent, etc.

To conclude, spam activity online is active and its extent is staggering. The IPs and emails which are used by these entities are also used for many other online offences, hence the need to actively monitor these. With their convenient manual or automated blacklist check and a large user base, dedicated services can offer an efficient solution to the problem.

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