Tips and Tricks Prepare Your Salesforce Exams with Exam-Labs

Salesforce certifications and exams – Cloud computing is a big deal nowadays. And so is Salesforce since it offers cloud computing services that connect businesses with customers and partners. The Salesfoce uses the CRM (customer relationship management) platform that enables salespeople meet their business needs. Apart from that Salesforce also offers various certifications for 6 roles which are Administrator, Architect, App Builder, Developer, Consultant, and Specialist. With around 27 certifications to choose from, it’s up to you to decide which area you want to become an expert in. Just like with any other credential, you have to pass certification exam/s to earn any of them.

Tips to prepare for the Salesforce exams

The most generic way to prepare for an exam is to just follow a course, study the textbooks and then sit for the exam. But this way is not a very reliant way to prepare if you want to pass a competitive exam like a Salesforce certification exam. Here are some tips to help you prepare in the most productive way:

  • Set goals

The first thing you need to do is to set a goal. The goal would be what you want to achieve as a result of your efforts. In this case, it would be to pass the Salesforce exam. But this goal is rather vague. You need to break this into smaller parts like ‘finish the training course within this time period’ or ‘do this many questions from this chapter’ and so on. You can create a list of such mini-goals and tick each on-off once you complete them. It not only gives you a clear idea about where you stand, but it also gives you a euphoric feeling like you’ve achieved something.

  • Create a study plan

Your next step would be to create a study plan. First, you have to make a list of tasks you have to do in order to achieve each one of your goals. Then, find out the amount of time that you can dedicate for the process of preparation and when. Finally, you can allocate time slots for the list of tasks you have. The advantage of having a study plan is that you can be sure that you cover everything and don’t miss out on anything that you need to do to be fully prepared for the exam.

  • Study the objectives

Many people tend to find it very tough to face Salesforce exams and usually say that they didn’t expect to be asked a question like that or that they weren’t prepared for it. This is because their studying was unfocused. They read textbooks and all that without really knowing what they need to be competent to pass the exam. The objectives of the exam are what you need to know when facing the exam or the learning outcomes. By studying the objectives, you can define the areas you need to be proficient in and focus on those rather than just studying whatever there is.

  • Summarize

The syllabus in any course you follow would be vast and it’s not easy to keep everything in your mind. By summarizing what you learn you can have a brief idea about the concepts you learned. And there onwards you can use the basics to extend your knowledge by connecting the dots. And having a summarized note makes it easier for you to revise everything on the day before the exam. Revising helps you bring what you’ve learned to the surface of your mind, thus making it easier for you to recall them at the exam.

  • Practice

This, I consider being the most important step if you want to ace the exam. The practice is what makes you perfect at anything. By practicing things, you learn it becomes much easier for you to recall them. You can practice using hands-on labs, you can practice questions by doing as many exam questions as possible. This helps you understand the question structures and how you have to approach them.

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Here are some resources you can use to prepare for the Salesforce exams:

  • Salesforce training resources

The vendor itself offers over 100 resources to help you prepare for its exams. You can find them on their official website.

  • Books

You can find many books that will help you prepare for the Salesforce exams. Some such books are:

  1. com Fundamentals

This book provides the basic knowledge of Salesforce development.

  1. Lightning Experience Guide

This book is a great guide for both developers and administrators.

  1. Salesforce1 App Admin Guide

This book is for people looking forward to building their career in Salesforce Administration.

  1. Salesforce1 Mobile App Developer Guide

This guide will teach you how to develop apps in Salesforce App Cloud.

  1. com Enterprise Architecture

This book is for those who want to learn to design and develop things in the Salesforce platform.

  1. com Developer Certification Handbook

This handbook is for people who are preparing for the DEV401 Certification Exam.

  1. Practical Development without code

This book teaches you how to use the Force platform and create solutions without using codes.

  • Videos

There are YouTube videos for just about anything. You can find tutorial videos for Salesforce exams as well. Try to get the most informative and useful videos for your preparation process.

  • Exam dumps

Exam dumps are files containing practice questions and answers. PrepAway is a web resource that contains exam dumps for many exams including Salesforce exams. The files available here are in the format and are a great way for you to practice questions and become familiar with the structure of questions so that you are better prepared for the actual exam. At PrepAway you can get either dump uploaded by the recent test takers or the ones checked by IT experts. Thus, for the ADM-201 exam that leads to getting the Salesforce Administrator credential, you can get a premium file with questions and answers revised by IT professionals and a training course. For that package, you’ll have to pay just $34.99.

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Earning a Salesforce certification is not a tough task if you prepare for their exams using verified resources. And the benefits a Salesforce certification can bring you are immense making every minute you spend working for it worth it. Become Salesforce certified and reach the peak of your career.

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