What is Kryptomon? Is It The Real Crypto Pokémon?

Explaining what Kryptomon is may seem easy if we know the industry NFT game . However, it is a rather unique phenomenon if we read the whitepaper with all the mechanics.

This game has had a presence fairly covered since its announcement, but there aren’t many guides explaining what it is and how it works.

So let’s fix that.

Kryptomon is the combination of Pokémon and NFT games

The best way to explain Kryptomon is by comparing it to Pokémon. The goal is to capture monsters (representing NFTs) and use them to complete challenges or trade them .

Each monster has unique values ​​and abilities , as well as care needs, advantages, and disadvantages.

As in Axie Infinity , also we can create new monsters by mating our own.

What is the game about?

It is based on the collection, breeding, and battles that we can fight with our characters . Each one has needs that we must cover so that they act optically.

For rewards, we can invest in prizes, participate in tournaments, and even interact with the universe and other players.

What role do NFTs play in Kryptomon?

As CoinMarketCap explains , each Kryptomon is a collectible NFT . Also, the creators announced that they would not create more after launch .

So creating characters we already have is the only way to get new NFTs . This encourages keeping capital in the game and increases the value of NFTs.

Understanding what Kryptomon is thoroughly: How does the universe work?

In this part, we go from “what is Kryptomon” to “ a complete guide on Kryptomon ”. Basically, we condense all the information available in the official whitepaper in English , and we will translate it to understand this game in depth.

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The DNA of the Kryptomons

The characters in this game have their own genetics. Basically, it is a combination of variables that guarantee that the monsters are unique .

These are divided into parameters and genes. Parameters are the main feature. Genes indicate affinity for elements of the game (fire, earth, ice, etc.).

Each character has unique parameters that make them different

This is where Kryptomon becomes a universe of functions and mechanics. The term “parameter” is used with various meanings in the whitepaper, but there are 8 parameters that govern how we interact with our monsters.

It should be noted that these parameters are created when the monster is born . Most of the following categories can match . For example, battle parameters can be fixed or trainable.

  • Fixed parameters are those variables that are maintained since the character’s birth and cannot be changed.
  • Trainable parameters can be improved by training your monster, making it stronger.
  • or enhanced parameters Boosted are a special type that change with the affection of your Kryptomon.
  • Elemental parameters are the character’s affinity to certain elements, and they give him certain advantages in combat.
  • The battle parameters include physical attacks, elementals, defense, health points, and more.
  • The parameters of care are necessary to keep your monster healthy, and include health, care, and feeding.
  • The training parameters dictate how fast the beasts can train and improve their abilities.
  • The breeding parameters dictate the efficiency of the Kryptomon in creating new characters.

It can be an excellent investment for crypto collectors

Visual variables are also a considerable draw for those who enjoy collecting NFTs. There are more than 500 visual features spread over 13 categories .

The categories are as simple — like the body and head — as unique, like the wings, spikes, and horns . When creating new monsters, parental parameters play a primary role in dictating these elements.

What are Kryptomon’s “Tamagotchi mechanics”?

Kryptomon also has a fairly unique system for taking care of our monsters . By “Tamagotchi mechanics” we mean that: what are the needs and feelings of our NFTs?

  • Love represents the happiness of your monster and how it feels with you. If we cover all their needs, they will be happy and they will get smarter and faster. It is also a requirement to participate in battles and missions.
  • The cold is responsible for “killing” our characters. If they freeze, we will need a potion to revive them.
  • Food is a basic need to raise love. We must feed our characters, and certain characteristics will make them more or less gluttonous.Health is also relevant to love. Participating in battles accumulates wounds and illnesses, which we must heal regularly.
  • Caring also dictates the growth of love. This mechanic is basically affection, and it is filled with toys.
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How do the characters train?

As we already mentioned, we can improve certain parameters of our characters . However, we cannot improve all parameters.

To train, we will need special tickets that equal — each — to one training session. Each session can improve one parameter .

Also, we will need more difficult workouts as our character improves , which takes more time.
How do the battles on Kryptomon work?

The battles in Kryptomon 1v1 are quite similar to Pokémon : turn-based matches. In addition, they require careful management of the resources and abilities of our monsters.

As our beasts level up, they will learn new abilities and powers that we can use in these battles.

Other battle items include:

  • Various game modes , such as fighting one or more Kryptomons, and tournaments.
  • Elemental powers , which depend on the affinity of the Kryptomon.
  • Traditional mechanics like critical hits and evasion.

How can you make money with Kryptomon?

Being an NFT game, most players need to know how money is made from this title. Well, according to the whitepaper, we have two options to earn money :

  • We can breed characters , basically creating new monsters. This will allow us to have more NFT to trade . Not all monsters are equally good at breeding.
  • We can also rent our monsters for breeding. This means lending them to other users so they can create characters.
  • Players will have to negotiate the terms of the deal.

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