Why Should You Use a Thermal Camera for Security Purposes?

Starmkgunu.co.in – Over the years, security cameras have played a vital role in protecting buildings and providing a means of surveillance for people’s property. Nowadays, technology experts have taken the issue of camera surveillance to a whole other level. Over the past few years, people have started moving away from regular security cameras, and now they are adopting the use of thermal surveillance cameras. If you are wondering what thermal cameras and why they are being used heavily, do not worry.

Here we will explain what these cameras are and the benefits that come with using them for security purposes.

How Do Thermal Cameras Work

Before we look at the benefits of using thermal cameras, you need to understand how thermalcameras actually work. Thermal/infrared cameras are high-tech imaging devices that use radiation to form a heat zone image. So how does the camera do this? An infrared camera comes with a special lens that focuses the infrared light emitted by all the objects in a view. The camera then takes the focused light and forms a thermogram. Once the thermogram is formed, the cameras transform it into electrical impulses.

When the transformation of the thermogram into impulses is complete, the impulses are sent to a processing unit in the camera that specializes in handling signals. The signal-processing unit changes the information from the elements into data. The information is then sent to the display, where it appears in different colors. The combination of all of the impulses in the thermal imager is what results in the formation of an image.

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Benefits of Using Thermal Imagers for Security Purposes

Now, here are the advantages of using thermal imaging devices to secure your premises.

i. Low Light Sensors

When using an infrared camera for security, the owner will be able to see clearly at any time of the day. Well, this is what I mean. In most instances, buildings or premises are attacked at night because robbers love taking advantage of the dark. This is because regular security cameras cannot see properly when it is dark.

In most cases, robbers can go into a building, take what they want, and walk away without these cameras catching a glimpse of their faces. Well, with infrared cameras, such a thing cannot happen. When using a thermal imaging gadget for security, all of this will be a thing of the past.

This is because infrared imaging cameras come with low light sensors that can detect objects even when it is pitch dark. Therefore, even when your outdoor lights go out at night, these cameras can still see intruders and trigger the alarm to go off.

ii. Immune to Visual Limitations

When securing your premises using thermal imagers, intruders will not take advantage of any huge items that may be present in your surroundings to gain access to your building. This is because thermal cameras can see through obstacles. Let us say, for example, you have a house in the woods, and there is a lot of tree cover.

When intruders try to hide behind trees so that they slowly approach your home, they will be seen before they get any closer. This is because thermal imagers can see through the trees.

iii. Fewer False Alarms

Another benefit of using thermal cameras for perimeter protection is that you get fewer false alarms. This is because every thermal camera comes with video analytics. Video analytics is a sophisticated piece of technology that can detect and classify intrusions based on the person/thing behind the intrusion.

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Let us say, for instance, you install an average security camera in your home, and an animal walks into your compound; the most definite thing that will happen is that the alarm will go off.

The case is different when using a thermal camera because video analytics can tell whether the intruder is an animal or a person, or it is just a tree with swinging vines. The technology, therefore, only sounds the alarm when there is a real threat, which results in fewer alarms.


Infrared cameras are slowly making their way into the surveillance industry as more and more people are embracing their use for security purposes. The numerous benefits that come with such high-tech cameras are what are pushing people to use them. One of the benefits is the fact that the camera can see through obstacles.

This means that an intruder cannot hide behind anything in an attempt to get to your premises. Thermal cameras also come with video analytics, which is integral in reducing the number of false alarms. Let us not forte the fact that thermal cameras have low light sensors enabling them to see even when it is pitch dark outside.

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